4 “tricks” for accelerated FAT LOSS!!!

When talking to many new clients it seems their main goal is to lose weight. However, what they don’t realize that weight loss can mean many things. When you step on the scale and lose say 10 pounds, how do you know what you have lost? Did you lost 10 pounds of fat? 10lbs of muscle? Muscle and fat? You really don’t know unless you are consistently measuring your body fat with a reliable method.

Fat Loss should be the goal for everyone. Losing fat will give you the body you are looking for. Here are 4 ideas to accelerate your fat loss.

1. Track your nutrition
Not knowing how many calories you are taking in makes it very difficult to know if you are eating too much or not enough. To lose fat you need to be in a slight calorie deficit from your BMR and you can only know this if you track what you take in. There are many online and phone software that makes it easy to do so.

2. Eat enough protein
Many popular nutrition programs put people on very low calorie eating which causes quick weight loss but tend to also cause plenty of muscle loss. One way to speed up fat loss is to keep your protein intake fairly high for you. Protein makes you feel full longer and greatly assists in not losing muscle mass when in a calorie deficit.

3. Weight train with progressive resistance
Use complex exercises that use many muscle groups has been show to help maintain muscle mass and allow the body to mainly lose fat mass. Try to perform 3-4 weight training sessions that are challenging, work multiple muscle groups performed in a controlled fashion. Weight training that is challenging and performed in the right rep range will give you the lean “toned” look.
4. Perform Intervals
Interval training where you perform bursts of activity either using cardio machines, running, skipping, barbell complexes, kettle bell exercises or bodyweight exercises followed by periods of rest or active recovery. When performed properly and with enough intensity, interval training is a great way to lean up, maintain muscle and finally lose the stubborn fat around the belly.


Implement these 4 tricks will get you the fat loss that you are looking for!