“When I started at Tru Fitness and Health, it was after several years of consistently working out five days a week at another gym. Although I was reasonably fit, and certainly active, I couldn’t seem to lose the extra weight I gained after my last child. After 8 weeks at Tru Fitness, and following the meal plan, I have dropped from a size 18 to a size 14, and shed 22 pounds. Just as important, I realize how the starchy carbohydrates I was used to eating were affecting me. Focusing on the proteins and veggies has not only helped me drop the weight, but I feel much better too. I am about halfway to my goal, and incredibly motivated to keep going!” (June, 38years, Mom, Ph.D. Professor)

” After 7-1/2 years of carrying around baby weight and untoned muscles, my girlfriend talked me into joining the 21 day fitness bootcamp at Trufitness. In the 3 weeks of unlimited classes, weight loss guided meal plans and motivational emails, I might’ve missed 1-2 classes per week, but not because I didn’t want to go. The workouts are intense, hard, exhilarating and addictive and you definitely get out of the program what you put into it. The burning muscles at the end of the hour, the sweat soaked shirt and the ability to feel every muscle you’ve worked proves that this fitness program works. I have medical issues that prevent me from completing all of the exercises as laid out but the coaches were completely onboard with modifying where possible so I could still complete the work outs with the other class members. In the end, I gained muscle, lost 3 pounds and 6-1/2 cm in the 21 days and I am looking forward to continuing on my weight loss and toning journey to reach my goal of 30 lbs loss and as many inches as I can shed. The coaches are dedicated who care about your goals and your determination and if anyone and any program can help someone succeed, it’s the programs at Tru Fitness. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the coaches, you’ve done what no other gym or fitness program could do.. you got me hooked on fitness and healthy eating!” (Carlee, Admin Asst., Mom of 2, 36yrs)

“I took the 21 day challenge, not for the weight loss, but for the toning and to get me started on the right track to a more healthy lifestyle. The classes are small in size, so it is like getting personal training, but much cheaper. The classes are fun, challenging and offered morning, evening 6 days a week, so I can always fit it into my busy (shiftwork) schedule. I now feel healthier and have a lot more energy (and the inches I lost off my waist and thighs, well that’s just a bonus). Thanks to the coaches for the continuous support and pushing me to achieve more. My family thanks you for guiding us to be healthier eaters. This is why I am now a ‘TruFitness’ member.” (Michelle, Mom, Registered Nurse, 37 years)

“I have been working out all of my adult life. In large part, doing the same repetitive routines of exercise classes at the gym, and running outdoors yet expecting different results. Over the last several years the weight has crept on and I have added an extra 10 pounds of weight to my frame which tends to get me down because nothing seems to work to get rid of it. I have a very slow metabolism; I’m in menopause and have an underactive thyroid. The odds for weight loss are against me. This past summer I joined Tru Fitness and immediately fell in love with the program; the intensity differs each day and you are always encourage to go at your own pace. The hour flies bye, never boring, and I always feel like I’ve just had the best workout possible.

In September I took the 21 Day Challenge to assist in my 10 lb weight loss. My goal was to lose 6lbs over that time period. Although I found the program challenging, it was something I really needed to do to give my metabolism a boost. The results began to appear almost immediately with a 4lb loss after the first week. Things eventually levelled off, however my total loss was 7lbs during the challenge and I was thrilled. What made the program a success for me was that I was doing it with others, therefore I was accountable. The weight loss has attributed to my overall increased energy level and it has motivated me to lose the final 3lbs. I am feeling much stronger then I was before the diet and like what I see in the mirror much more. I promised myself a new wardrobe if I met my weight loss goal. The big surprise is I didn’t need to buy a new wardrobe because it’s already there in my closet. Everything looks and feels so much better that I didn’t need to bother with the shopping spree. I’ll save it for something even better!” (Donna L, Mom, Financial Planner)

Tru Fitness takes workouts to a whole new level! It’s unbelievable how I have challenged muscle groups like I never have before. The personal trainer knows fully well how to motivate you to your limits in a healthy way. The coaches challenge and encourage you contributing to making me feeling stronger and more committed to push myself during my workouts. The coaches focus on making sure clients are using proper techniques and form so they are getting the most out of their workouts. The sessions are never boring because of the variety of exercises. I would highly recommend Tru Fitness to anyone who would like a great workout and actually see results! Thanks, (Shirley N,40yr, Mom of 3)

Tru Fitness and Health is great for those just starting to workout all the way to those who are in excellent shape. The atmosphere is such that the instructor is able to keep an eye on all the members of his class and offers assistance or guidance where required. You never feel like you’re working out on your own, nor do you feel intimidated by a large class. The instructions are clear and you are always ensured a great workout. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve done something really good for your body and motivated to keep it up!
(Wendy C.,44yr Office Worker)

I have done group fitness training at Tru Fitness. The coaches are AMAZING!. I lost 7lbs and over 10 inches in a 6 week period and I had already been working out regularly. What I like about Tru Fitness is that the workouts push you to your limits, but at the same time, everyone, not matter what level of fitness can participate. The workouts are tough, but supportive. The coaches want to make sure you meet your goals. Start with the 21 day Trial program, it’s worth it. (Amy,42yrs young))

I have been going for 6 weeks now to Tru Fitness and loving it. Last year I was at a gym for 1 yr and never saw results. In 6 weeks of group fitness sessions and personal training, I am seeing great results. I have lost 7 inches on my waist and hips. The sessions are always different and such a great workout. The hours of the classes are great- suits everyone’s schedule. With the 21 day trial offer – there’s no excuse – join! (Heather Wright, 37yrs., Mom of 2)

I have been going to Tru Fitness since April. It is a great program that gives me motivation to go as you see results quick. I have lost 7 inches and 8 pounds in the past 6 weeks. I love my boot camp classes, the exercises they are always different and the coach pushes you for your maximum potential. Tru Fitness have great coaches that are always making sure you are doing the exercises properly for the best results and to avoid injury. I definitely recommend Tru Fitness! (Kim, 28yrs, Office Worker)

I started training sessions with Amir at Tru Fitness a few months before my wedding as I needed to lose some inches to fit my wedding dress. I did fit into my wedding dress for my big day, but more importantly I have found since I started working out with Amir I have consistently worked out. On my own, my workouts were hit and miss (mostly miss!) I have made a decision to keep regular training sessions with Amir as a lifestyle, not just to hit a target for one day. I really enjoy how my sessions with him are encouraging and motivating. And I am impressed with how Amir takes into account any physical limitations due to injuries. Amir sets a standard for himself that he is always learning and upgrading his own knowledge. Great Trainer! (Nicloe J., 39yrs)
I have been going to Tru Fitness sessions for over a year and have seen great results! I have lost to many inches to count, feel stronger and healthier. The coaches are very encouraging and supportive. People of different fitness levels are able to benefit from the sessions. The kickboxing classes are fun and a great way to get your stress out!
(Kathyrn, 36 yrs Social Worker)

As an individual with a back injury I was very hesitant to join a bootcamp or exercise class. I joined in September and have never dreaded getting up to go to one of Tru Fitness classes. The coaches are very supportive during class, and check in with everyone during our workouts. Since joining Tru Fitness, I have had less leg and lower back pain, and haven’t felt this well since surgery six years ago. As an undergrad I even noticed my grades improve and I believe the classes contributed to stress reduction and improved concentration. I would recommend that anyone with back pain join Tru Fitness and get a back health assessment! (Jennifer, 36 UWO Student, Mom)

Tru Fitness  is for EVERYONE. I started a year ago and became very strong physically, mentally, and cardio-vascularly. I now continue to participate in Tru Fitness and am currently 35 weeks pregnant. The program, with the help of Amir, allows itself to be modified in a way that I can still get a great workout, even though my belly keeps growing. Now that I am 35 weeks pregnant, I am still very comfortable and my lungs and legs still feel strong. When I am not pregnant, I love all the core work, and of course the finishers. Kicking and punching is also a favourite. Can’t say there is really anything I don’t like. You get out of the program what you put in to it! I love the variety and motivation it brings!! (Julie, Teacher, 36yrs)

I had recently had a baby and I had a plateau at a weight I wasn’t happy with. The weight was not coming off as easily as it did with my first child so I knew I needed something different and effective. Since other programs weren’t working for me I wasn’t to sure if Tru Fitness would either and was worried about the intense nature of the program. It turns out that the intense nature of the program has enabled me to see results and has given me the motivation to keep up with this healthy lifestyle. Since joining, I have lost the extra weight that I was carrying after my pregnancy. I have noticed how much extra energy I have and the increase in strength that I now have. The extra energy is great, especially with 2 young children. I feel good about the way my body looks and how I feel about it again. (Lisa, Age: 32yrs, Teacher, LCDSB)

I’ve tried many different exercise classes and Tru Fitness has given me the best and fastest results I’ve ever had. One of my favourite things about the camp is the variety; Amir always mixes it up for us so the “dread” factor of doing the same thing again and again is not there. The other thing I like is Amir’s coaching. He gives lots of personal attention and helps me correct mistakes and so, unlike at other clubs that I’ve tried, I’m actually improving and getting stronger. Amir is encouraging, and affirmative and at the same time demanding. The whole experience has been incredible and I highly recommend it. (Tammy, Teacher, 43yrs LCDSB)

I wanted to be challenged, have fun, increase my endurance and meet new people. I received all that and more from Tru Fitness. The classes are high intensity workouts, which make them great for starting your day. It’s amazing how this hour can change your entire day and the way you view things. I feel healthier, happier and more focused. Amir is knowledgeable, motivating and approachable. I’ve already signed up for the next session. Thank you Amir. (Adela, 32yrs)

I trained with Amir for two years and I have to say he brought me back to life. After a death in the family, I wanted to continue my earlier kickboxing training as an outlet. Because of my busy student schedule I was not sure I could make it work. Amir’s expertise, patience and flexiblity were a blessing. He provided excellent technical lessons to improve my skills, and on the days when I needed to just “hit stuff” his pad work was second to none. Amir’s extensive training as a boxer helped to improve my punches exponentially, and the cardio workout he delivered day in and day out was exceptional. He was also incredibly accommodating with my schedule, and worked around my classes – even showing up to train me on my university campus because I was not able to make it to the gym. He is committed to improving the lifestyle and the lives of his clients, and I consider myself incredibly privileged to have trained with him. Training with Amir was not only beneficial to my recovery but markedly improved my body. His training is a no-fail recipe for the sexy “tube pack” abs that every girl wants. To say he kicked my butt into shape is an understatement!! Thank you for everything Amir! (Kaysi, 26yrs, 3rd Year UWO Law Student)

I had some friends who already did the class and who are runners and very active. I on the other hand was neither. I was afraid I could not keep up but quickly noticed that it pushes you at your level and you get out of it what you put into it. Amir is patient and pushes you when you need so you can feel very successful. I would recommend anyone try it. Go for it, it is fun, great for the spirit and body and really shows results. (Karen, Teacher, 44yrs)

Tru Fitness  had a number of positive effects on my life. The program consisted of one hour three times per week of circuit training sessions using combined weights and cardio intervals. Although the 5:45 a.m. start, combined with the challenging circuits seemed daunting at first, at the end of the four weeks I had increased energy and confidence. The never-ending burpees, push-ups, and split squats were demanding, but with determination, I completed each set. While the class trainer, Amir, offered nutritional advice, the program instilled better eating habits and I lost three pounds in the first three weeks. The class was motivating, Amir was tough yet encouraging, and the one hour of intense workout flew by. I didn’t know if I could keep up with this rigorous pace but after each class I grew stronger. Even though I didn’t take formal measurements, at the end of the boot camp my favourite jeans had a more relaxed fit. As a result of Tru Fitness, I will continue to practice healthy lifestyle habits. For this reason I am looking forward to the next session to continue my goal of weight loss and fitness. Thanks Amir!!! (Shawna, 38yrs, RN)

I have been working out in gyms across London for better than 5 years. I have done everything from cardio alone, to weight lifting to organized classes. I can honestly say that the Tru Fitness  is the best workout I have ever had. The overall body workout is challenging enough that it pushes my limits, but is done in a great group environment. My personal goal is to transform body fat into lean muscle mass, and the Tru Fitness Bootcamp is showing me results! I am entering my second session, and I am already a committed  Lifer! (Warren, 39yrs, Sales Director)

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to tone and lose a few pounds. I lost 8 pounds and quite a few inches, my energy levels raised and I saw a lot more definition throughout my body. The workout is always different, no time to get bored with the same routine everyday. It is challenging but at the same time, if it is too hard, Amir is great to personalize a workout that you can do. I love the fact that it is small groups of people. In the beginning I hated doing burpees, but I am now into my ninth week and I must say that I no longer hate them, I can actually do them without whining, LOL. If you want results and are willing to work for it, Tru Fitness  is the way to go! (Lori, 31yrs, LCDSB)

I was intimidated at first but the more workouts I did, I found myself looking forward to each Tuesday and Thursday evening. The program is great and Amir is tough yet encouraging. He provides great variety as we never do one thing for too long. I have found I have more energy, improved health and overall my body feels firmer. I would recommend this program to anyone as you will love it! (Suzanne, 51yrs, Teacher, TVDSB)

Tru Fitness has been very successful for me. The program is well rounded and well structured. Amir, was very knowledgeable, motivating and determined to help me on my journey of reaching my goal. Each workout session consisted of an hour workout, incorporating cardio, weight and core training.Tru Fitness is like no other program, it is a program that will truly push you to your max. Thanks so much Amir! (Cristina Doria, Religion Teacher, LCDSB)